Narnu Farm has a popular Bunkhouse facility, which can accommodate up to 54 guests in seven bunkrooms. Groups have exclusive use of the entire Bunkhouse facility and can stay together in a fun and social atmosphere that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Ideal for:

  • Family groups and reunions
  • Family friends
  • Special interest groups (Scouts, netball/sporting, church, etc.)

The Bunkhouse is located in the activity heart of Narnu Farm and central to all the fun with animal feeding, horse riding, truck riding and half court tennis all just a walk outside. Kids are able to enjoy the Farm while parents relax and catch up with friends and family.

Don’t miss your opportunity to book the last available weekends for 2015:

10th/11th July (school holidays)

24th/25th July

31st July/ 1st August

25th/ 26th September (school holidays)

9th/10th October (school holidays)

23rd/24th October

30th/31st October

6th/7th November

13th/14th November

11th/12th December

                                 KENEALLY FAMILY REUNION

IMG_1068          IMG_0882

I thought what better opportunity to highlight the fun that can had in the Bunkhouse then to share the story of my very own family reunion!

If you have been to Narnu Farm before you may have met my Dad, weekend farmer Vin! All round awesome guy! Well would you believe he has 5 sisters each with many children of their own and their children now have children. You can get the picture!

Friday 8th of May saw the Keneally clan descend on Narnu Farm from far and wide……… all in honor of my Grandad Don Keneally’s 90th birthday and in loving memory of my late Grandma who passed away in 2014.

My Grandad is an inspiration to not only his vast family but anyone who has had the privilege to meet him. To come together to celebrate such a lifetime achievement was unforgettable. This event was initially organised to celebrate both my Grandad’s and Grandma’s 90th birthday and also their 67th wedding anniversary. We were all saddened that my Grandma was not able to be with us.

Narnu Farm and in particular the unique Bunkhouse provided the ideal venue to reconnect with family in the special atmosphere that Narnu is famous for.

The great grandchildren many whom had never met each other, bonded through the enjoyment of an array of activities the Farm has to offer including horse riding, farm animal feeding, truck ride, bonfire, forts, play grounds and much more. When the kids are happy so are the parents, grand parents and even great grand parents!

Four generations enjoyed fabulous food, company and a good laugh. We definitely made memories that will last a life time………

We all know that pictures speak louder than words. Check out the happy snaps…..

IMG_0910          IMG_0900


IMG_1060          IMG_0905

IMG_0999      IMG_1053     IMG_1000

IMG_0993      IMG_1034     IMG_1021

IMG_0938           IMG_1072

Do you have a group that needs a get together?

Please contact Sarah @ Narnu Farm for more details:

narnu@narnufarm.com.au or 043 806 0585