Farm camp for Schools

Our popular farm program takes students back in time to learn about what life was like in the old days.

Available as a 1 night or 2-night option interactive hands-on activities give students an up close and personal experience not found anywhere else!


Horse Riding

Each child will have an opportunity to ride a horse. They will learn learn horse safety prior to mounting and basic riding skills including steering, stopping and on a two night camp even get to try trotting. The first component of the lesson will take part in the indoor riding arena followed by a ride outside around the farm. This activity is a favourite amongst the kids and is available on both the Farm and Environmental programs.


Animal Feeding

We have a large range of friendly farm animals as well as regular cute baby animals including lambs, kids, calves and chicks.  The children will love getting involved with our friendly farm animals, patting, collecting eggs and learning about what makes them special.


Chicken Hatchery

Using our chicken hatchery children will get an educational look at incubating eggs and hatching chickens as well as getting to hold the cute and cuddly chicks.


Vintage Truck Farm Tour

Using our restored 1960’s Bedford Truck ‘Elsie’ we take children on a slow meandering tour of the farm meeting the many horses we have. Children are able to feed the horses carrots and see them up close from the comfort and safety of the truck.



This demonstration takes place in the farm’s own Blacksmith Shop, filled with paraphernalia of blacksmithing tools, clydesdale tack, horse gear and other implements from past days. Students will learn how the fire is maintained in the forge by pumping oxygen. Children will learn:

  • What a Blacksmith is and the tools used
  • Temperature needed for shaping steel and fire requirements
  • Watch an interactive demonstration of shaping a piece of steel into a small ornamental horseshoe.


Hand Ploughing

Using our iconic clydesdale ‘Sally’ children will get a chance to try hand ploughing, an activity they are not able to experience anywhere else. The children will get a chance to steer Sally to our top paddock where we hitch her up to the plough. After an introduction to ploughing, students will get a chance to plough a section of our paddock, getting a feel of the time and effort involved in pioneer farming.


Butter Making and Wheat Grinding

Children will learn about types of milk, processes of pasteurization and homogenization. They get involved in separating fresh jersey milk from a local cheese company into cream learning how a milk separator works.

Using the cream they have collected they will churn it into butter.

Also a great follow up to hand ploughing the children will take the wheat seeds and place them in a small hand grinder to make whole meal flour.


Wilderness Survival

Here at Narnu Farm we believe in kids spending more time outside in the natural world, using their imagination, searching and discovery capability, teamwork and cubby–building skills. Our nature play forest and spacious grounds provide the setting for an exciting wilderness survival challenge. Teams of students are provided with a list of key survival materials. They search the farm to locate the items and return to the forest, where they build a shelter and a survival kit from an assortment of materials they have found. Kids just love this challenge.


Farm History Trail

Children follow a history trail of Narnu Farm exploring and answering a questionnaire about the old farm equipment and buildings around the Farm. This is an interesting way for students to see and learn about old equipment they may never have seen before or see again. Students can gain a real appreciation for how far technology has come.

Narnu Adventure play

Our unique playgrounds, Fort Narnu and PS Narnu Paddle steamer allow students to practice imaginative play and challenge themselves in a variety of different and fun ways. Most importantly it will help wear them out so they sleep better!

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General Activities

We have a range of activities that students can participate in for their School Activity (supervised by teachers). These include:

Night-time Activities

  • Movie night
  • Night Walk

All night time activities are supervised by teachers or parents.

Animals Anonymous (optional extra)

Cost $350 for 1 session and $550 for 2. Maximum group size 30

The presenters from Animals Anonymous will entertain children with an educational native wildlife show with a focus on adaptations, classification and biodiversity. The overall message to students is CONSERVATION THROUGH EDUCATION. Students will have the special chance to interact with some Australia’s amazing wildlife.

They will meet 12 friendly Australian native animals, including a baby crocodile, big python, baby pythons, goanna, gecko, bearded dragon, bettong, squirrel glider, dunnarts, frog, spider and a bird (either a tawny frogmouth, falcon or a parrot). The show is very hands-on with patting most of the animals and holding some too. All animals used are hand raised and tame.

This activity has full insurance cover and the presenters have all necessary permits to keep protected species and are licensed to use the animals for teaching purposes. All presenters hold a current Police Certificate and have background in teaching and/or relevant tertiary qualifications.


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