THINKING OF BOOKING A SCHOOL CAMP FOR 2018? Here are some the real benefits of camps for kids….

by Narnu K

There are so many benefits of school camp it’s hard for me to narrow it down. So here are my top 5.

  1. Learning Independence

This is every parents role, to teach our children how to be independent and one day become adults who can look after themselves. School camp is an opportunity for children to have a go at just this. Carrying their own luggage, making their bed and remembering to brush their teeth. Parents aren’t there to find that missing sock or remind children to eat their veggies.


  1. Influence positive teacher/student relationships

School camps give teachers the opportunity to get to know children in a different environment outside the class room. Likewise for the student they get to see their teacher more relaxed and show a nurturing role. A positive relationship will result in a positive learning environment.


  1. Social skills

Its one thing to spend 6 hours with fellow class mates at school but on camp sharing travelling time, meal times and accommodation teaches the value of getting along and having respect for one another. Through team work activities they often strengthen existing friendships and develop new ones with children they may not have spent time with previously.


  1. Education

Its often thought that school camp is a time for a break from education but the reality is there is more time for education. Children are exposed to new activities they may not have tried before and without mum and dad there they become a bit more adventurous and confident to try new things. Having the opportunity to try hands on activities in the outdoors facilitates learning by stimulating all senses                                            


  1. Decision making

Decision making is a skill children don’t always get to use in a structured home environment. What should I choose for breakfast? Do I need my raincoat? What should I do in my free time? Should I go to bed now? This is another opportunity to become more independent. 


At Narnu Farm we aim to provide a positive, well structured camp that will create fond memories to last a life time. Please contact us to make your school camp booking for 2018!