Narnu Farm Climate Action

At Narnu Farm we are committed to the environment ensuring future generations have a bright and happy future. We are a Climate Action Certified Business dedicated to making a difference.

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We have implemented the following Climate Action Plan:

  • Installed a 16kw solar power system on our Cottages in addition to the 13 kw system on our Bunkhouse working towards making our accommodation carbon neutral
  • Installed several large capacity water tanks to collect water
  • We use energy efficient light globes and use sensor lights where possible
  • We plant between 200-500 trees annually
  • We recycle card board, bottles and paper products
  • We source supplies from local companies and buy in bulk to reduce transport energy
  • We have converted our Bunkhouse and Narnu Cottage hot water system to energy effiecient gas
  • We are planning to replace the other existing hot water services with solar

What Can You Do to Help Our Climate-Friendly Efforts

  • Be mindful of the water you use and try to save water where possible
  • Switch off unused lights
  • Switch off appliances on stand by
  • Only run air conditioning when essential and switch off when not in cottage
  • Use our recycle bins