Farm Fun for Kids!

Our farm animal feeding is exclusively for the house guests of Narnu Farm, therefore we don’t offer day visits. So why not stay with us and get to know all of our adorable and cheeky farm animals!

Please note that Narnu Farm no longer offers horse riding or the truck ride.

Animal Farm for Children

For our guests, children and adults alike, we offer complimentary farm animal feeding twice a day.

This activity is hands-on and highly educational and is one of the many highlights of a stay at Narnu Farm. Guests can get involved in feeding deer, emu, guinea pigs, chickens, goats and sheep. We also have year-round baby animals to bottle feed including lambs, kids, calves and piglets. We also can’t forget about collecting the eggs. All our animals are friendly and love a pat and cuddle. Kids eyes will light up with delight as they fall in love with our adorable animals.

Chicken Hatchery

In our hatchery, we incubate eggs, hatch and raise chickens. This miracle of life is easy to see through our viewing window and glass-sided incubator so if you’re lucky you might get to watch these little chicks peck their way out of their shells.

Kids will also get the opportunity to hold these cute and fluffy little chicks!


Fort Narnu, PS NARNU and nature play space

Fort Narnu…. a kids castle built amongst the tree, this forest hideaway is the perfect kids’ retreat, where they play for hours in a world of imagination and fun!

We also have our Paddle Steamer Narnu and other play grounds. Safe and fun equipment designed to challenge kids of all ages in a variety of different ways. A recent addition is our nature play space where we provide cubby building equipment and a lovely forested area for kids to built their own cubbies.

Sports Areas

Narnu Farm has extensive open space and sports areas to enjoy. We have half court tennis, basket ball and volley ball available as well as room for a game of cricket or just simply to fly a kite.

Camp Fires

Camp fires are available on Saturday nights and various nights during the school holidays between May and September only 

BBQ Areas

Guests can enjoy a BBQ in our two free BBQ gazebos. A fabulous option for breakfast, lunch or dinner